Being a person of the world

Q. The Revelation “Preparing for the Greater Community” teaches that we each must “become a person of the world and not merely a person of a small group, a tribe or a nation.”

What are the traits or characteristics of a “world person”?

A. The practice of being a “world person” is our practice this month in the Free School of The New Message:
“Given what I’m learning about the Greater Community, how do I view this person, this place or this situation?
The teaching about the Greater Community is unique to The New Message, so that practice is unique to people of The New Message, but among all people there are those who conduct themselves with this attitude toward the world and their experience, who can shift their focus to accommodate a wider view in the encounter with a perspective that is not their own. You could substitute in the practice for the words “the Greater Community” any truth of consequence, such as “global climate change,” to see the practice of being a person of the world in others.