Sudden evolution

School Forum Discussion: The First Greater Community Messenger

Years ago I came across a character in a children’s book named Freddy Fox. A talking fox isn’t so unusual in children’s books–talking foxes named Freddy are not unusual in children’s books–but in the world of this story, he actually was distinctive, unique among foxes and all other animals (except humans) in his capacity for speech. He was the first, representing an evolutionary leap. The story itself was disappointing, perhaps ending in loneliness for him, but his character and the possibility he represented were attractive and engaging–the author succeeded in presenting the exquisite dilemma of his genius if not resolving where to go with it. A good part of the engagement was the wit and charm in the fox’s language, along with the tension maintained by the very implausibility of it.

I can’t find the book or remember the author’s name, or I would contact him and let him know his intuition was correct, there is someone just like Freddy Fox who is so far advanced among all others as to represent a leap in evolution equivalent to his impossibly articulate fox. That author did not know the half of it! He could only imagine the possibility of such communication, only as a potential, and the very idea led the writer to see only the burden of a unique capacity, of being the first, of being able to form speech but to be recognized as no more than a novelty.

Though Marshall Vian Summers may yet face every imaginable travesty of his accomplishment, happily he does not have to face it alone.  His achievement is not some random event of chaotic development, though well it might have ended, were it not for the relationships that nurture his capacity and ensure that the Way he is showing us will be demonstrable for any who wish to follow him along the Path of evolutionary development.