Ken Dahl Hell

Ken Dahl writing on the fallacy of hell as eternal torment cites Julie Ferwerda’s book Raising Hell. Mr. Dahl’s writings demonstrate a real sense of mission, a commitment to pull apart the logjam of doctrine preventing the flow of Spirit, one piece at a time. This time: hell.

“Why would God punish you when you were placed in a world where making mistakes was so easy, and the chance of becoming wise was so slim? God understands that without Knowledge to guide you, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you and created within you, all you could do would commit errors.”  –What Happens After Death (July 11, 2008)

There is no “judgment day”, where if you failed in one life you go to everlasting hell. This is a purely human invention. But the consequences of not finding your purpose and trying to live without it are very real and are evident every day in your thinking, in your demeanor, your behavior and your experience. Without this purpose, you are living a kind of hell—a hell that is beautiful, but a hell where you can never be happy, where you are never really at ease with yourself because you have not been honoring your deeper nature.

Knowledge is here to move your life in a specific direction, but if you are not going in that direction, or have not gone in that direction, there is discomfort. But this discomfort does not call for denial or avoidance. It calls for recognition and resolution. This is why God does not condemn. God only attracts and employs. The whole notion of hell is humanity’s attempt to punish those that it cannot accept, and use God as the punisher. It is to exact revenge. It is a tool of the intellect to punish other intellects, or to force them to believe, to coerce them to believe in acceptance and consensus.” —The Sacred Rendezvous (January 29, 2009)