She just sits there

I witnessed this, one who felt like a voice crying in the wilderness.

How do we answer the question of this song?

I used to have an expectation (maybe I was making wine out of sour grapes?) there could always be found blessing in defeat.  This was a variation of the idea that all works for good for them that love God. It cultivated complacence and quiescence, largely fueled by a preference for passivity. What was needed was more response-ability in disappointment, a call to know, see and do;  reassessment of strategy and methodology. Or anything that starts with “re-“! (Anything good during Mercury retrograde, I’m told)

The woman who just sits there asking for help will end up a Cassandra if no one responds. She needs a partner, perhaps the woman who “would crawl across cut glass just to make a deal.”

Put them together and their combined energies can create voices that are heard. There are people out there showing response-ability. A couple of examples in the world include a reactionary response and a model for sustainable, long-term development.

Recently I was with a Cassandra who was looking towards Jerusalem, looking at our entire world but especially at that hot spot. I remembered a Free School discussion* where I had mentioned, “my own inner Gaza sectors tunneling towards Jerusalem.” When we discover our own personal Gaza–those things, people, places or habits we hate but must abide–what kind of dialog can we maintain.

What can one person do? One person, a woman, can sit with what they know and really feel it, know it, voice it and engage any who will listen and dialogue. We can pray, we can unite our personal divisions, and when a “personal Gaza” sends rocket flares, we can practice hospitality (which is the subject of a future post).

What have I done lately to respond to the woman who just sits there? On two different occasions in the last month I have had strangers come to stay in my house. Three or four times each week I meet with friends across the world through online chats to hear first-hand what’s going on in other parts of the world.  I’ve come up with a good new strategy for food storage: a menu that I can actually tolerate! Kitcheri morning, noon and night indefinitely. So simple! I’m planning a kitcheri fast anyway. Letting the kitcheri fast represent in diet what I am doing with all possessions and expectations, clearing and simplifying to keep what’s worth keep and let the rest flow away.

What can anyone do?

Anyone can take the Steps to Knowledge, where we learn to walk in The Way of Knowledge, reducing ambivalence, which is the war within us.

“WITH KNOWLEDGE YOU CANNOT BE AT WAR. You cannot be at war within yourself or with others, for with Knowledge there is only Knowledge and there is confusion in the world. Confusion does not require attack. Therefore, with Knowledge you are not at war, for you have one mind, one purpose, one responsibility, one direction and one meaning. The more your mind becomes uniform, the more your external life will become uniform as well. How can you be at war within yourself when you are following Knowledge? War is born of ambivalence where opposing value systems conflict with each other to gain your recognition. Competing ideas, competing emotions and competing values all wage war on one another, and you are caught in the middle of their great battles.” (Step 287)

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