Locating Resources in the Wilderness

  • Spend at least 15 minutes thinking of all the ways to gain access to Knowledge.
  • Write down on a piece of paper all the ways to get to Knowledge.
  • Exhaust all the possibilities that you can think of.
  • Try to be very specific.
  • Use your imagination, but chart out routes that appear to be quite real and meaningful to you.

In this way, you will know what you think about how to find a way to Knowledge,and from this you will realize that God knows the way to Knowledge.–Steps to Knowledge,  Step 37 There is a way to Knowledge

All the ways to Knowledge: journaling

  • Viewing your life objectively.
  • Keeping a daily record of what transpires
  • Reviewing the record: what worked? what is established? what needs strengthening? where am I avoidant? what must I do?

Writing has been an area of resistance for me. By now, I can see that it must become a daily practice, and a diligent one. When I do not write down the things that come up–the questions, the signs, my attempts to follow and their results–I am going to miss a lot.

All the ways to Knowledge: having conversations

I have been in a one-on-one conversation on reddit for a week now. This has been a great practice in writing. Having an audience has always been an effective stimulus for writing. I begin to see in the conversation on reddit and in other blog-writing the weaknesses in my ability to communicate what is real to me–the terms I take for granted, the perspective I am missing–and how to make it known in the world.

In this week on reddit, the point came home again that my purpose is not to make converts but to engage and make real: to be the evidence of the purity and efficacy of the New Message, even if the other chooses not to pursue it.

All the ways to Knowledge: checking in with trusted allies

A big shift has occurred in the last week in my Work Pillar, a place of great movement already. I have already received a distinct word: “don’t be in such a hurry to …”–now I am at risk of hurrying that agenda along. The warning is well taken, though. No hurries. Have close ones check my thinking.

All the ways to Knowledge: seeing the signs.

An opportunity now to see what must be seen right from the start of a new relationship. What do I see? Did I take the time to feel what I know? How much am I romaniticizing, seeing only what I want to see?

All the ways to Knowledge: community knowing

The collective mind, which forms when many students of Knowledge congregate, produced and supports the process this artistic reflection on the experience of utter upheaval or total loss of direction.

All the ways to Knowledge: stillness

All the ways to Knowledge: sensory only

All the ways to Knowledge: emptiness that becomes Presence

All the ways to Knowledge: recognition

That can be as simple as seeing a need and stepping up. It can be lonely, but that’s beside the point. The work itself is the true companion, the need that calls to be filled.

All the ways to Knowledge: practical problem-solving

This and the next are methods that I am least inclined to follow and must continue strengthening.

All the ways to Knowledge: quantitatively

All the ways to Knowledge: using methodologies others have devised

  • Walking around a question: writing it on paper and setting the paper in the middle of the floor to look at it from every angle in the room.
  • Writing “YES” and “NO” each on a separate piece of paper. Ask the question and see which response is clearer and sharper.