The rule of 3

Twice the same prayer, on different occasions:

I’m at wit’s end! What else can you show me?

“The Angelic Assembly is waiting for the real calling from the individual— a calling usually born of despair and frustration or disappointment in the world seeking for something more real, more authentic, more permanent and more essential to their true nature and purpose for being in this world at this time.” The Rays of Initiation

Both times over a case of forgiveness not working as planned. The first time after a practice as beautiful as I had ever found: Why isn’t it working?

you have to forgive yourself first!

(That practice taught how to practice what Martin Buber’s I and Thou, similar to Practicing the Presence by Brother Lawrence)

The next time, after as thorough and frequent a practice as can, again, the question: assuming this or that thing works, why isn’t it working?

it must be important

These four words led to a complete reversal to so many assumptions, I think of it in these words: “Here, dear, you’ve been using that telescope backwards. Try turning it around!”

(Secret of Heaven 131: The preoccupation with error is a decision not to know.)

Now I remember another time, when I had my own version of “the definition of insanity”definition of insanity

My version was, after trying every right way, try the wrong way?

But this was spoken in retrospect, in gratitude for unmerited favor.