How Strong Is Your Constitution?

The question occurred to me:

How strong is the Constitution of the United States of America?

My observation? It seems to be holding up fine so far. Is it being tested? (lol, the rule of thumb from Marshall Vian Summers “if you think you are being tested, you probably are”)

The U.S. Constitution, long considered the epitome of human self-determination, remains a record of that effort to ensure the highest security to the greatest number.

That document, the Constitution of the United States of America, will ever be a shining example of great minds working together to truly seek a more perfect union. That is all it would take to bring about a great healing now: (good, not even necessarily) great, minds working together to truly seek a more perfect union. Hearts and souls as well working together truly seeking greater capacity to join.


 I am inclined to see the U.S. Constitution as one strong document.

The areas of contention, however! These bones of contention are being taken down (metaphorically) to the radiology department for a session under the light-box, and I am doubtful the plan is to take only pictures. The heart of the matter: special interests are anxious and demanding of the rights they have grown accustomed or aspire to.

The balance of power among the three branches of government is what I would focus on as a weak point, however. All of the special interest groups [add them in the comments if you wish], every coalition, will be getting haircuts. Belt-tightening is prudence now.


How strong is this U.S. Constitution?

Any one who has entered into a contract has had that moment of recognizing the document itself is only as good as the agreement of the two parties to abide by its terms. Hopefully.

Anyone born before the 21st century has some awareness of the collapse of faith in written documents like mortgages.

Detroit is a very good case study of promises that exceeded capacity to fulfill, the study for a later blog, as a close friend was there throughout the decline at the end of the 20th century, observing the influence of certain key figures.

Could written contracts become less sturdy in the new era we are entering?

I will avow my partisanship and suggest that at this moment in history we have seen evidence that people still do have faith in government because they are still looking to the government for a LOT! I thank you, government for infrastructure that delivers food to nearby stores every day.

I do know that food deserts exist in urban areas. I do know increasingly many individuals contemplate escaping all the luxury that is provided in the U.S.

At a time when vulnerable populations are being wiped out from West Africa, for only one [please supply the population you are watching in comments].   Human migration, it’s a thing to watch.