Fasting and Prayer

Important Guides on the Healing Journey: Always Books on Food as Medicine

Books that were important in my healing journey

  • Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar series
  • Mark Hyman. The Ultramind Solution
  • G.A.P.S: Gut and Psychology Syndrome
  • Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism
The Apple Cider Vinegar books

The Apple Cider Vinegar books by the Braggs introduced the first and best idea: weekly fasting, monthly and annually–this simple remedy provides so much information if you need to be paying more attention to your digestion. Many sensitives are being taken out by toxicity in all systems. Purity in eating is something did not come naturally to me, having open spleen and no sense that what goes in, accrues, or “practice makes permanent,” as Marshall Vian Summers says.

Finally, after much fasting and prayer, it is easy to just relax on the need to have my own authority over health–I should mimic my esteemed peers and go full on Boulder (how much more Boulder can you get than uber-orthorexia?). Lately, though, success with the longer (3-day) fast periods, is giving me a feeling of winning against the constant inflammation that did feel like a virus of the brain.

Many other books, including Mark Hyman’s The Ultramind Solution and Kerri Rivera’s Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism have supported my inclinations to ferret out what I only sense as a fungal or viral infection, bacterial overgrowth and not without a strong component of mental disorder. The symptoms were habits of clutter and inattention, lack of self-care, ungroundedness.

The Simplest Solution, a Guideline for Letting Food Be My Medicine

The simple solution of eating for alkalinity–it makes little logical sense, but it works, and it is as simple as fasting. It is a method of fasting by eliminating categories of food that aren’t being digested well, creating opportunities for decay and infestation. Absolute fasting, taking nothing but water, is a strong adjunct for resetting the appetite to maintain the alkaline diet.

The Wahl’s protocol is the latest avenue for “letting food be my medicine.” The goal of getting enough of beneficial foods is what has been missing from all previous attempts to reform my eating–previously I was only avoiding inflammatory agents, and always feeling deprived and short on willpower to sustain the motivation to stay clean–the toxic agents were appetite drivers, bacterial forces greater than my own resources, until I starved them out with fasting and detoxing.

The Question of Levels

Often, I find myself getting what has to be a false positive:

  • the clutter that collects around me, the inattentiveness to detail–is this a case of “as above, so below”? I need to look at my system of elimination on a literal level? Catharsis in the most literal sense, a need to purge on every level.