Cassandra’s Forecast: Sustained Chaos and Tyranny

A revelation for our times. The Great Turning Point for Humanity, urgently warns:

“There is nowhere to hide. There is nowhere to escape to. There is nowhere that will not be overtaken by the Great Waves of change or feel the danger of the Intervention that is occurring in the world today by forces from beyond.”

A pivotal decade

 ” …of tumultuous change, a decade of evolution, evolutionary change, not just personal change, not just political change—evolutionary change. [It will] change the outcome for everyone. Succeed or fail, [this is a] pivotal time in human history, perhaps the most ever.”

Socio-economic forces keep people

” …either oppressed in their nations where there is poverty or religious or political oppression, or they remain subsumed in their own personal preoccupations and desires and difficulties, heedless, unaware that their lives are about to change beyond their reckoning.”

Accelerating deterioration of world climate

“The world did not become the paradise it is today through graceful change alone, but through convulsive change—great extinctions, great alteration of the climate, convulsion, combustion.”

Growing instability

“They are very persuasive. Andt times like this when people become disoriented, or are frightened or anxious, or live with growing anxiety, this persuasion can become very strong—turning the human mind, turning people against their own institutions and leaders, turning people to the Intervention itself.”

A calling

“You must have the courage to face certain things that perhaps far exceed what you even thought was possible. You must be able to respond. You must be responsible.”

To respond

“Who has the humility and the honesty to face and accept this? Here you will see who is courageous and who is not, who is humble and who is not, who is responding and who is not, who is open to the future and who is not, who is free enough from their own investment in their position in life and their ideology to face something new and great and powerful.”

Consequences magnified for every decision made

“This next decade will be very decisive. It will not be completely decisive, but it will be very decisive. If you continue in your current ways, with little change in direction, then the consequences upon the peoples of this world will be far greater than they are today, so great that even nations will not be able to handle the difficulties of their own populations, even in the rich countries.”

If people would heed, as the Pharaoh listened to Joseph, Cassandra would escape the curse of not acting upon what she knows and sees.

Deep evaluation of self-preparedness

Anticipating chaos and instability, assess how resilient:

  • one’s own inner resources
  • social and economic networks
  • the inertia in particular areas–what we aren’t facing or resolving

Intention setting

Create the environment that supports your inner and outer stability in the times to come.

Marshall Vian Summers speaks of the overwhelming effect of massive displacement of peoples seeking refuge from climate disasters:

“Several revelations of the NMG address the overwhelming future refugee challenge of ‘Where will they go? Who will receive them’ when tens of millions from the Middle East, North Africa and the equatorial regions must flee their homelands due to extreme drought and heat. If they are not received in the spacious affluent countries like the US, Canada and Brazil, it will be a political, humanitarian and moral crisis like the world has never seen before. And this is only one aspect of The New World Reality that the NMG is presenting before us.”