Design and Capacity

“Your individual nature and temperament are well-suited to fulfill your function, but if your function is unknown to you, then you will not understand their relevance.

“Gain access to what is known within you, this precious cargo that you carry unknowingly. Until this happens, your life will not make sense. It will seem aimless and without consistent direction.”

“Knowledge is a gift that you have, but it is also your True Being. It has a plan for your life already and once activated, it will begin to exert itself in a much more direct way.You will realize you do not need the burden of decision, for increasingly Knowledge will motivate you, guide you and direct you, gracefully but powerfully. Then you will be able to extend the greatest gift that one can give to another.Your Knowledge will activate their Knowledge, and you will bear witness to this great event. This is true healing, for once this happens, the person’s emergence will begin, and they will be entering a Greater Reality while they are still living in the world.”

“You came here specifically for a purpose to serve in a specific capacity at this time. It behooves you, then, to understand what is happening in the world; otherwise, you will see no relevancy for your sense of purpose.”

“If you do not activate Knowledge in your life, your life is a lost opportunity. This you will reflect upon when you leave.”

“For those of you who have been seeking to find a place to give something you feel you have, the Greater Community will have much bearing on your sense of purpose in the world.You cannot find it in the normal sphere of things.You must think in a bigger way.When we speak of the Greater Community, we speak of a larger perspective on everything, including yourself most assuredly.”

All quotations taken from Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 3: Greater Community by Marshall Vian Summers