Life as a Science Experiment: Case Study 1

A collection of notes on Case Study 1.


  • STRATEGY: To Respond
  • NOT-SELF THEME: Frustration
  • INNER AUTHORITY: Emotional – Solar Plexus
  • PROFILE: 3 / 5
  • DEFINITION: Single Definition
  • INCARNATION CROSS: Right Angle Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix (55/59 | 34/20)

The post on Open and Defined Centers addresses how a lack of definition in an area, here the area of personal health, presents an opportunity to “become wise,” to learn to follow the wisdom found in the world and submit to it, acknowledging a great need for instruction in this area. Instruction is available!

Another post highlighted the role of the numbers in columns down the sides of the chart by comparing them to others with the same configurations in different columns, while another showed family patterns across generations.

4/4/18 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” Increasingly this is the simplest, easiest and most direct solution to a plague of demons. Eating raw (watching food combinations), eliminating now also rice and beans (along with gluten, dairy, corn, nightshade, egg), with a nod to Wahl’s diet, the simplest way to take good care of myself. Why this is so hard to get, at this point can only be for the lessons needing learning.

4/6/18 It took many steps and many of them were too tentative. Open and Closed Centers on my chart indicate a need to look to others for health guidance, not a lot of self-understanding in terms of living in the physical, is how it works out for me. Seeing it in the chart makes it easier to give up the cluelessness that doesn’t know what it doesn’t know, the reluctance to accept others’ say-so.