I and Thou

I gave my love a golden feather. I gave my love a heart of stone. When you find a golden feather, It means you’ll never lose your way back home. —(Robbie Robertson & The Red… Continue reading

All Along the Watchtower

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Evil on a Biblical Scale: A Practical View

The preoccupation with error is nothing more than a decision not to know.” (Secret 131 from Secrets of Heaven) I have pegged a NY Times column to my “Is This True” board for many months now.… Continue reading

Locating Resources in the Wilderness

Spend at least 15 minutes thinking of all the ways to gain access to Knowledge. Write down on a piece of paper all the ways to get to Knowledge. Exhaust all the possibilities that you… Continue reading

She just sits there

I witnessed this, one who felt like a voice crying in the wilderness. How do we answer the question of this song? I used to have an expectation (maybe I was making wine out… Continue reading

Zen Judaism

“Only don’t know” was the name of a Jewish contemplative exercise that I once enjoyed. If you google “Only don’t know” you’ll find how very Zen is the expression. Finding it in a Jewish tradition… Continue reading

Are you really on a “Mission From God”?

What the world needs now: The New Message asks of you honesty, sincerity, integrity and commitment – all the things that everyone needs to establish in his or her own life and everything… Continue reading

God has initiated all the world’s religions

theharmonyinstitute.org/ has posted these two documents with parallels among the world’s major religions. Enjoy! Ten Teachings Shared By All Religions (PDF) Quotations of Unity (PDF) “Here you must realize that God has initiated… Continue reading


Ken Dahl writing on the fallacy of hell as eternal torment cites Julie Ferwerda’s book Raising Hell. Mr. Dahl’s writings demonstrate a real sense of mission, a commitment to pull apart the logjam of doctrine… Continue reading

Sudden evolution

School Forum Discussion: The First Greater Community Messenger Years ago I came across a character in a children’s book named Freddy Fox. A talking fox isn’t so unusual in children’s books–talking foxes named… Continue reading